Next Post in Los Estados Unidos

The stars are there, you only have to look at them.

Near the Feria on JuramentoIt doesn’t quite seem real that I’m leaving Argentina so soon. It’s springtime here. The trees are blooming with these warm purple flowers that look so much like the lilacs back home. When I first got here, a month after I first got her even, I didn’t realize that anywhere could feel so much like home if you wrote there, danced there, threw up there, and most importantly, made friends there.

Catch up before Falling Behind

This last week has been devoted mainly to homework and NaNoWriMo, with a break for tango on Tuesday. And shiny new tango shoes. My host mom says I have a shoe problem

They look more silver every time I see them.


and I have no defense. I’m going to hope that this upcoming week I don’t get robbed (two of the notecards I carry in my back pocket with notes have mysteriously disappeared, but it’s not like anyone took my money) or step in dog poop because that would be a miracle. Of course, the goodbyes are still falling like leaves, well, flowers here really.

La clase de perfeccionamiento

Homework for my class largely consists of writing page and a half to full page essays by hand explaining random things like the ideal qualities I seek in a mail-order bride. You would be surprised (or unsurprised depending on your knowledge of the use of subjunctive when describing things that may or may not exist in Spanish) at the amount of subjunctive used in describing an ideal mate. This upcoming week—my last week in Argentina—I have no less than two tests and one presentation, which I am not looking forward to, not because of the workload, but because of the fact this is my last week in Buenos Aires. Clearly I have better things to do than further my educational goals and attempt to receive a passing grade in a class that may or may not waive two of my Spanish classes that I will need waived in order to qualify for a Spanish minor. Having completed an intensive Spanish summer course, I’m looking forward to taking most of December off and relaxing without school.


I have 17548 words for this dayRecently on Cracked, the bastion of truth on the internet, I read that those unmotivated by material gain typically were rated higher for their creative output than those who are motivated by such base things as money. If that’s the case, I have just created the beginning of the next greatest science fiction novel this month.

I wrote only 41,453 words, which falls short of the goal of writing a 50,000 word novel in the month of November, but that number is 16,000 more words than I have ever written before! I wrote about this group of aliens called The Consortium who come to earth lead by these fourteen dragons. Each one of the alien races has a steward in one of the pairs of dragons, and the humans make stewardship number seven!

Anyway, there’s a bunch of problems that come with all the new technology and advantages that the aliens have, even though they are open for humans to use, they aren’t designed for human use which gives our race her a distinct disadvantage. Additionally, the government has slowly become corrupted at the highest level and revolution starts to ensue.

There were ups and downs for me in trying to do NaNoWriMo here in Argentina, because even though I love writing and that’s what I want to do with my life, I’m here in Argentina following another dream of mine, which is to be here and tango, though I would say writing did not take away from my dancing time, so all is well.

Another Wave Rolls Out

More and more people are leaving Buenos Aires. Two of the most enchanting people I’ve met swung by from Bolivia and I was lucky enough to spend time with them. I went to two Thanksgiving dinners where I had the opportunity to see people who I can only wish lived closer to me in the states. Two women who I’ve danced with took off, my housemate, Juan will be coming back on Tuesday for a bit, but then he heads off shortly thereafter like so many other delightful people.

I still can’t believe that I’m leaving this beautiful country in less than a week, but at the same time, words cannot express how happy I am at the prospect of seeing all my friends and family back home. And snow. I am excited for snow.

Missing Life Already

I am looking forward to a ton of things in the states. I’m excited to see some of the movies I’ve missed out on, and some that are coming out. I want to eat real peanut butter, and teach tango with Caileen, and be able to drive, to be able to speak to anyone who comes up to me without fearing I’ll make some crazed grammatical mistake, and I want a hot shower.

Still, I’ll miss bidets and public transportation. Those are awesome here. The

We sat to the right of the door near the windows.

exchange rate is pretty cool. When I took an enchanting, smart, funny, and thoughtful woman out to dinner I was practically bubbling at the quality of the place we were at, which would have put me on Ramen noodles for the next month in the states. While there hasn’t been a week where I went out dancing every night (actually, there might have been, but I don’t quite remember), the opportunity to leave any day of the week and go take a class, or dance at a practica, or just enjoy myself at a milonga, will be sorely missed.

The cultural atmosphere here is probably one of the best things about Argentina. In the United States we often think about what we’re doing and how it will monetarily benefit us in the future. Here, it does not feel that way. If you want to go drink mate in the park, you should go drink mate in the park. It isn’t a question of finances, it’s a question of taking care of yourself. It’s a question of happiness, and so often in the states it is proven that money is not happiness. Sure, you can do great things with money, but if you have to sacrifice so much just for a little cash, it isn’t always worth it.

What makes life worthwhile for me is the time I spend with the persons I love. I will never forget my time here, and I will do my best to not forget the lessons I’ve learned about life.


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